AUTUMN IN NEW YORK by Mario Farulla. Movie or cocktail? AUTUMN IN NEW YORK by Mario Farulla. Movie or cocktail?

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AUTUMN IN NEW YORK. Movie or cocktail?

коктейль, осень в нью-йорке, Mario Farulla, бармен, италия, бар, коктейль и кино

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‘Autumn in New York’ is the story of Will Keane, who falls in love, maybe for the very first time in his life, with young and sensitive Charlotte, daughter of his ‘old love’. Jefferson’s Ocean bourbon, aged at sea, has been chosen because it is mature and strong like Richard Gere in the movie. The ice perfumed of hibiscus is spiced and pinky like the young protagonist, performed by Winona Ryder.

Mario Farulla, бармен, италия, бар, коктейль и кино


(inspired by movie “Autumn in New York”, directed by Joan Chen, 2000)
BARMAN: Mario Farulla, bar manager of Ristorante Baccano di Roma, ranked number 70 in The World’s 50 Best Bars 2019

Mario Farulla, бармен, италия, бар, коктейль и кино

60 ml Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea bourbon
Ginger Ale
Ice made with hibiscus tea

Glass: low tumbler

Pour directly in the low tumbler glass the Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea bourbon above ice and fill with Ginger Ale. To prepare the hibiscus tea ice: prepare first the tea, wait for it to cool down and place it in a freezer in ice molds. Once in the drink, as soon as it starts to melt, it will release sweet scents of hibiscus, also changing the drink’s color into a light pink.

Mario Farulla, бармен, италия, бар, коктейль и кино

Mario Farulla and Baccano

Autumn in New York is a signature drink by Italian bar manager Mario Farulla. He had the important experiences in London, New York and Dubai, before the return to native Rome to Ristorante Baccano. It situated on Via delle Muratte in few meters away from Fontana di Trevi.

Hard work, research, innate talent for hospitality and a unique, professional staff – first among them his ‘right arm’ Alessio Giovannesi behind the bar – and a spirits display with more than 600 bottles. Perfect location for tourists and at the same time a real temple of top quality drinks. That’s the place where to feel home and always be at ease. The wide bar encourages chatting, the numerous ‘guests’ with the best barmen from all over the world and a care for the customer made Baccano become one of Italy’s best cocktail bars and in 2019. It was ranked at 70th place in the prestigious The World’s 50 Best Bars.

Photo: Andrea Di Lorenzo

This post is also available in: Русский (Russian)

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