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The new Barrister Navy Strength Gin was launched by LADOGA

The new Barrister Navy Strength Gin 55% is produced using the best botanicals, the strength opens the bouquet of components – juniper, lemon peel, cardamom, coriander, anise, cinnamon, angelica root and cumin. The Navy is the eighth in the Barrister family which lineup includes also Barrister Dry, Barrister Old Tom, Barrister Pink, Barrister Blue, Barrister…

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Limited edition vodka Russian Standard Malachite

Great news from the prominent vodka Russian Standard. The company launches the 7th Global Travel Retail limited edition bottle named Malachite. This limited edition bottle was created at the company’s Design Studio based in London. Inspiration came from one of the most splendid and luxurious gemstones known as malachite. It perfectly reflects Russian Standard Vodka’s gentle…

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Modern Russian Fairy Tales in Xander Bar

Xander Bar team headed by Taras Zavalniuk (Best Russian bartender 2019 by Barproof Awards and Best Bartender of Saint-Petersburg by Magazine) made up modern Russian tales and and mixed them in glasses. Well-known stories are told in a new way, marked as “Adults only”. New bar menu includes 9 cocktails, 4 hot seasonal beverages…

Polugar, cherry, bread wine, tincture, history of alcohol

Polugar: forgotten noble spirit origin from Russia

Recently Monocle has presented the on-line radio program about polugar – Russian spirit forgotten for generations, now we making comeback. The topic is so curious, that we couldn’t just pass by. Here is the story by Elena Nikulicheva, specially for Monocle in Saint-Petersburg, published in writing for DCW Magazine.  Polugar successful comeback Discover the true Russian national…

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