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Mr Murka, russian aprons, Мистер Мурка, фартуки для барменов

Who is Mr. Murka? 

Travelling a lot around the globe I visit a great number of professional bar industry events. Every time I meet my colleagues. Many of them present large national producers, but there is also one brand – yet not that big but self-confident and charming Russian apron producer Mr. Murka. It is great to know that…

Mamont Foundation, MAMONT CAMP, звезды comedy club, путешествия, глэмпинг, мамонт водка, карелия

MAMONT CAMP 2019 by Mamont Foundation

Last September The Mamont foundation presented MAMONT CAMP 2019. This year it gathered a star team to travel across wild and beautiful terrains of Russian North West known as Karelia. The real-men team consisted of Russian national opinion leaders, high-top chiefs and TV-stars. During this trip the whole idea of glamping was reconsidered. The camp…

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