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The new Barrister Navy Strength Gin was launched by LADOGA

The new Barrister Navy Strength Gin 55% is produced using the best botanicals, the strength opens the bouquet of components – juniper, lemon peel, cardamom, coriander, anise, cinnamon, angelica root and cumin. The Navy is the eighth in the Barrister family which lineup includes also Barrister Dry, Barrister Old Tom, Barrister Pink, Barrister Blue, Barrister…

BCB 2020, Bar Convent Berlin 2020, bcb on-line

Bar Convent Berlin 2020. Pouring Digital

The Bar Convent Berlin 2020 will break new ground and bring its community together in the form of a BCB Special Edition. Due to the current regulations, the fair cannot take place as originally  planned from 12 to 14 October at the Exhibition Centre Berlin. With the new “Pouring Digital”, the BCB team is working…

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His Majesty COVID-19 has introduced its own rules of the game. On one hand it is still difficult to assess the results of his “reign”. On the other, all these talks and rumors are too much already. The only one fact still remains quite obvious – everyone has altered his plans for coming summer season….

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Prosecco. Sparkling marketing. Part 3

Probably every sparkling wine region on Earth should be grateful to Prosecco for discovering of bubble world to common people. It was Prosecco, that has taken sparkling wines out of receptions and weddings onto the everyday life. But few years ago, Prosecco was just another wine from the North part of Italy. Today this sparkling…

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On-line bar against coronavirus

If you are forced to stay home because of COVID-19 carantin, or probably for some other reasons, have a look at a brand-new project by Shishki branding agency based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. This is a very useful app for the moment – on-line bar named Stay The Fuck Home Bar. There are several virtual “rooms”,…

vodka Russian Standard, Malachite, малахит, компания русский стандарт, малахитовая шкатулка, русская водка

Limited edition vodka Russian Standard Malachite

Great news from the prominent vodka Russian Standard. The company launches the 7th Global Travel Retail limited edition bottle named Malachite. This limited edition bottle was created at the company’s Design Studio based in London. Inspiration came from one of the most splendid and luxurious gemstones known as malachite. It perfectly reflects Russian Standard Vodka’s gentle…

new world, шампанское, игристые, вино, chandon, belaire

Sparkling marketing. Part 2. New World

That’s the second part of trilogy “Sparkling marketing”. Today we are going to tell you about New World’s style of communication campaigns. Champagne has always been a privileged drink. Even today you hardly have champagne everyday. Maybe if only you are a pop-star or a royal blood. Emily Kate, wine historian, claims that champagne had…

Marv Cunningham, Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2020. cocktail

Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2020. The winner

Marv Cunningham, a bartender from The Bahamas has won the 10th Anniversary of the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2020 (AGCC). Representing the Caribbean in the revered cocktail competition, Cunningham was crowned the champion after competing against eight bartenders from around the world in Trinidad & Tobago on February 22, 2020. Rohan Massie from Hobart, Tasmania…

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Sparkling marketing. Part 1. The Old School

The matter of champagne marketing – and we are talking about real champagne now,  produced in French Champagne region, according to all rules and technologies – has never been a burning issue. An expensive aristocratic drink, mostly served for special dinners and ceremonies, hardly affordable for common people, does not need all that marketing tricks. …

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AUTUMN IN NEW YORK. Movie or cocktail?

‘Autumn in New York’ is the story of Will Keane, who falls in love, maybe for the very first time in his life, with young and sensitive Charlotte, daughter of his ‘old love’. Jefferson’s Ocean bourbon, aged at sea, has been chosen because it is mature and strong like Richard Gere in the movie. The…

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