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Mr Murka, russian aprons, Мистер Мурка, фартуки для барменов

Who is Mr. Murka? 

Travelling a lot around the globe I visit a great number of professional bar industry events. Every time I meet my colleagues. Many of them present large national producers, but there is also one brand – yet not that big but self-confident and charming Russian apron producer Mr. Murka. It is great to know that…

BAROMETER 2019, барное шоу, мероприятия для барменов

Barometer 2019 – let’s drink up the history!

From the 27th till the 29th of September the most anticipated ad large-scale bar-show in the bar industry International Bar Show Barometer 2019 will take place in the CEC ‘Parkovy’. It is never missed by bartenders, bar managers, bar and restaurant owners, and also producers, distributors of alcohol and simply those who love cocktails. Every year…

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