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His Majesty COVID-19 has introduced its own rules of the game. On one hand it is still difficult to assess the results of his “reign”. On the other, all these talks and rumors are too much already. The only one fact still remains quite obvious – everyone has altered his plans for coming summer season. Great number of exhibitions, conferences and festivals were forced to reschedule their plans. Some went online, some appointed new dates, some postponed their events till next year. We decided to make it clear, what’s going on and when all that happens, so that you could have a better understanding for your plans as well. Here we have an approximate schedule for the seasonal events of the industry 2020. We hope for better things, and let’s go!  


bcb 2019, BAR SCHEDULE 2020, новое барное расписание, БАРНЫЕ МЕРОПРИЯТИЯ, НОВОЕ РАСПИСАНИЕ


  • The first strike came to Amsterdam Cocktail Week that had to take place in the capital of Holland on the 16-22 of March. It is extremely complicated to cancel the event of such a scale just in a few days before it starts. That’s why a new date was not announced. Still there are plans to make it one day. Follow the official page.
  • Mediterranean Bar Show had to take place at sunny Cyprus from 11 to 12 of April. New dates 5-6 of September. 
  • Bar Symposium Cologne had to come on the 6th and 7th of May in Germany. The schedule has been altered to 17 and 18 of August. Guys are great as they issued several interviews with the participants of the Symposium. Streams are available in German at their YouTube
  • Tokyo Bar Show has been cancelled unfortunately. You can search for the details at their Facebook page. 
  • Another event at Amsterdam has new dates already. Perfect Serve Bar Show Amsterdam takes place on 16 and 17 of November instead of 12 and 13 of May. 

Probably, the only date to remain unaltered is 13th of May, The World Cocktail Day! 

  • One of the largest events in Bar Industry of South-Eastern Asia, Singapore Cocktail week Festival, changed the dates from 15-22 of May to 23-25 of October
  • Mexican Barra Mexico is postponed for a relatively short period. From June 1-8 to August 23-24. If you are planning to visit, be attentive and follow their social pages. Different situations might occur. But let’s hope they do not.

bcb 2019, BAR SCHEDULE 2020, новое барное расписание, БАРНЫЕ МЕРОПРИЯТИЯ, НОВОЕ РАСПИСАНИЕ


One of the most important events of the industry Bar Convent that we visit regularly, has also changed the dates. 

  • Bar Convent Brooklyn postponed from June 9-10 to August 11-12.
  • Bar Convent São-Paulo from June 15-16 to August 10-11.
  • For the moment Bar Convent Berlin preserves the dates: 12-14 of October. Attention, this time they have a new venue! 

World-known Tales of the Cocktail takes place on the 21-26 of July. This time in digital. One of the major professional events goes to a new template. To our mind a courage step for the industry leader. Moreover, a dream comes true you can visit Tales of the Cocktail – straight from your coach! 

  • Lisbon Bar Show – a cozy event, that we have visited in 2019, had to come on May. Alas, it is cancelled. But let’s meet at Atlantic shore in 2021! 

mbs 2020, moscow bar show, новое расписание на 2020, bcb 2019, BAR SCHEDULE 2020, новое барное расписание, БАРНЫЕ МЕРОПРИЯТИЯ, НОВОЕ РАСПИСАНИЕ

  • Main hit of Russian bar seasons Moscow Bar Show plans to take place in Saint-Petersburg on October 8-10. The dates remain the same for this moment. 

“Concept for MBS 2020 had been named “ReFpcus”yet in January, when we had no clue how situation might occur. Present days make our call to refocus even more up-to-date. 

The basic idea was to remind professional community that we are not only a part of cultural sphere, but business as well. Many projects were based at trends and complicated concepts, far from common customers. Now there much talks about a change of the direction, when the reality is never going to be the same. But we have to understand that the changes do not come on their own. First they have to be born in the minds of people, players of the industry and consumers. We are going on elaborating the program for MBS. We want to give the community the best, but much depends on you”. 

  • Italian Roma Bar Show is scheduled for the 5-6 of October. The press-office claims the dates stay unaltered. But official press-communication starts in Summer. And the situations stays not quite clear as the country just starts the process of recovery. 

BCB 2019, Bar Convent Berlin, bcb 2019, BAR SCHEDULE 2020, новое барное расписание, БАРНЫЕ МЕРОПРИЯТИЯ, НОВОЕ РАСПИСАНИЕ


  • According to official Instagram page, Cocktails Spirits Paris comes back to old schedule. The event takes place in September. Dates are uncertain for the moment. Follow the news! By the way, guest-country this time is Japan. 
  • Bangkok Bar Show had to take place on June 28-30. Now is postponed to October. Dates should be announced later.  
  • Imbibe Live plans to come on June 29-30 as it was scheduled before. We recommend you to follow all possible changes at official pages.

August is not that reach for the events. But we hope situation goes better by that time. 


Follow official pages of the events in order to have a full and clear picture. 

For your comfort we have made a new calendar, that you can get here.

Stay tuned and we will keep informed about the latest news of the bar industry.  

Take care and stay healthy. Cheers!


Photos are courtesy of official sources.


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