Bar Awards around the world: U.S.A., Europe, RussiaBar Awards around the world: U.S.A., Europe, Russia

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Bar Awards around the world: U.S.A., Europe, Russia

Bar awards play an important role to develop the industry. This is a big part of professional community life. It seems like World bar awards have existed since the very beginning, but it is not like that. Actually this fine tradition – to honor the best at the profession (mixing cocktails and all around it) – is about 15 years old. We have chosen the most considerable ceremonies among others, and now we are glad to share this list with you. 

world bar awards

World Bar Awards

Lately great number of different awards has appeared. Mostly in sphere of HoReCa and restaurant business. Magazine awards, City government awards, Professional associations, etc. But we would like to point out specialized bar awards. 

We have chosen 4 most considerable awards held in U.S.A., England, Germany and Russia. The youngest is Russian, and the most solid, the oldest and acknowledged one is American. It depicts the situation and development of the industry quite logically. So, let’s go! 

world bar awards


The most prestigious award for the moment is Spirited Award – a logical continuation for cocktail festival “Tales of the Cocktail”. 

The Festival started at New Orleans in 2002. It turned from a small party of cocktail lovers into the worldwide assembly full of professionals of bar industry, alcohol adepts and common tourists who want to spend their time tipsy and happy.  

In five years after foundation, Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards was established. Since that time professionals from bar industry are choosing the most respectable places and the most influential bartenders, mixologists, brand-ambassadors and other professionals. 

In 2018 our countrymen from El Copitas bar based in Saint-Petersburg, were awarded. They were in top-10 of the best European bar-teams. El Copitas Bar – Top 10 Best International Bar Team Europe 2018. Our congratulations!

world bar awards

Tales of the Cocktails is not only an awards ceremony, where bar experts are honored. First of all it is a festival, which consists of a series of cocktail events, demonstrations, seminars, degustations and parties. Industry leaders meet here, new trends being presented, the future being clarified. Last few years the program includes Tales on Tour – an outbound bar week. 

world bar awards


Next on our list is The World’s 50 Best Bars which is held since 2009. Russian bars have become nominees there for several times. This award is the most prominent for the moment, and also is the most authoritative among others.   

Every year more than 350 of mostly respectable specialists from the industry, journalists, restaurateurs and bar managers from over than 40 countries choose the best from the best. The ceremony takes place in London in October during famous London Cocktail Week. 

world bar awards

This award takes place in Berlin, and is well-known far beyond German borders. This is due to Bar Convent Berlin – one of the most popular professional fairs in Europe. So called Barmen’s Christmas –  this is for it’s easy and warm atmosphere and ability to get acquainted with specialists all over the world.  

An evening before this huge event, The Mixology Bar Awards takes place. 

It was organized in 2007 and is very important in Europe. Since 2016 there are 4 new cross-European categories, and this is above the major part of nominees from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

The founder of the project is Helmut Adam. A restless creator, editor of Mixology magazine, organizer of the largest bar trading show in Germany, beer enthusiast, writer, speaker and bartender, famous all over the world. 

In early 2000s he started a magazine which is well-known by now, a high quality mark for insiders. But this achievement is not the only one. Helmut owns consulting agency, and he also published and co-authored a series of books about art of mixology – Cocktailian. 

In 2017 and 2018 we attended the ceremony, and should say it is made with good taste, elegant and minimalistic. Still spicy and fun. For further details read the article Mixology Bar Awards 2018. Победители

world bar awards


There is a local ceremony with international status in Russia as well. For three years BARPROOF AWARDS defines best places, specialists and products of bar industry in Russia and CIS countries. It contains 18 national and 21 international nominations. In 2018 the number of nominees grew over 700 from 500 bars and restaurants. 

Professional bar ceremony Barproof Awards was organised in 2016 by representatives of bar community Bartender Brothers.  That year the list of nominees included participants only from Russia. The referees were authorities among the local industry, representatives of alcohol companies, journalists and other insiders. The ceremony took place in Saint-Petersburg, bar and cocktail capital of Russia.

The second ceremony – Barproof Awards 2017 – included participants from Russia as well as Baltic states, Belorussia, Ukraine, Caucasus and Middle Asia. That time a new system of judgement was applied. So called Trophy, when the winner is chosen by nominees themselves. It took place in Saint-Petersburg, at the historical venue, where the first Russian bar in early 20th century was opened. 

In 2018 the ceremony moved to Moscow, Club Paradiso. 

Such type of events implicate black tie, but the concept allows to wear smart costumes in 50s-60s style or white tropical tuxedo. 

You can find curious information about the ceremony at the section BARPROOF. The latest report on the event is here – BARPROOF AWARDS 2018


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