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About DCW Magazine

DCW Magazine is well-known in Russia, the country of its origin, but also worldwide. Since the day we have started the project we have been taking part and supporting the events of the hospitality industry around the Globe. Our core idea has always been to inform. We have never promoted alcohol or supported its consumption. We make content for adults only. Our purpose is to develop bar culture and instill drinking culture in Russia. At the same time we report about achievements of the local bar industry to the whole world. Content is published both in Russian and English. Let’s go!

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DCW Magazine has been founded in 2018, being transformed from local Russian into an international project about bar culture. Since the establishment of the Russian online magazine in 2015, we have been supporting the industry events in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries,  covering top HoReCa news.


The editorial staff visits most significant international events of the bar industry and shares the news and trends with Russian and international bartenders community.

Moscow Bar Show 2019. Russian alco brands, what to drink in Russia, MBS, DCW Magazine, Margo Bor

Moscow Bar Show 2019 in Saint-Petersburg Street Art Museum

Barometer 2019 – let’s drink up the history!

athens bar show, dcw magazine, margo bor

Athens Bar Show 2019: some good reasons to visit Greece

Lisbon Bar Show 2019 is calling

Fashion Set of Bar Convent Berlin 2017

We keep in touch and make friends with opinion leaders, brand ambassadors, top bartenders and make interviews with them in two languages: Russian and English. We talk about global trends and new products, visit the most famous bars in the world and try best cocktails to share the impressions with our followers.

Arina Nikolskaya. MBS, Russian culture ambassadors, localism and dead trends

Remy Savage. Love to people, positive attitude and drinking culture across the world

Luke Whearty. Australia, Singapore, lifework and local ingredients

Taras Zavalnyuk. Global contests, flowers and industrial alpinism

There are worldwide and Russian professional competitions, that we support year by year and follow the career of the champions.

глобальный амбассадор, международный барный конкурс, beluga signature, beluga, vodka beluga, dcw magazine, margo bor

 Beluga Signature – creative competition for the bartenders

Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge

DCW Magazine sees has a point to develop hospitality industry in Russia, to formation about good taste among the public and to promote drinking culture. The project gladly supports professional competitions for bartenders and other industry events, plus we talk about brands, trends and everything that can help both a newcomer and a professional.

Margo Bor, founder and editor-in-chief of DCW Magazine

Margo Bor, IBA, DCW Magazine, Russian magazine about bars, Марго Бор, журнал о барах, барный блог

DCW Magazine is part of the global project by Margo Bor, which also includes ARTMIX producing center and a consulting company.


ALCOART One of our favourite columns that brings cinema, arts, literature and design together with alcohol. Here you can find the latest photos and reports from the Cannes Film Festival, as well as an analytical article on the books by Russian writer like Yerofeyev or Dovlatov. Or the role that alcohol plays in their works, as well as paintings by famous artists depicting glasses of wine or something stronger. All that usually goes along with the opinion of experts on art and history.

Марго Бор, MArgo Bor, DCW Magazine, BCB, Russian magazine about bars, журнал о барах, об алкоголе, Гриша Шаламов, Артем Родин

BAR.PRO column is focused on the professional audience. We try to highlight the most significant professional bartending events: contests, competitions, exhibitions, conferences, master-classes, prizes, etc. We invite world renowned experts to share their experience, write about alterations in industry legislation and analyze the employment market. We talk about the most famous bartenders, share their comments on various topics. The column for bartenders and about bartenders.

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We share our bright impressions, answer questions about the new emerging and molding bar culture in Russia and highlight the traditions of European and American alcohol culture.

Welcome! You are going to have a good time in the pleasant company with DCW Magazine.

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