Barometer 2019 international bar show in Kyiv. Let's drink up the history! Barometer 2019 international bar show in Kyiv. Let's drink up the history!

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Barometer 2019 – let’s drink up the history!

BAROMETER 2019, барное шоу, мероприятия для барменов

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From the 27th till the 29th of September the most anticipated ad large-scale bar-show in the bar industry International Bar Show Barometer 2019 will take place in the CEC ‘Parkovy’. It is never missed by bartenders, bar managers, bar and restaurant owners, and also producers, distributors of alcohol and simply those who love cocktails. Every year it is attended by around 15,000 people. Don’t miss it!

barometer 2019, куда пойти в киеве, лучшие бары мира

The concept of Barometer 2019 is ‘the roots’

In 2019 the vector will be set on roots, the origin. Roots nurture growth, and together with BAROMETER 70+ speakers from all over the world will be exploring the sources of creativity, development and industry growth. You will dive into the history of mixology and drinking culture. Find out how the tendencies of cocktails creation have been changing and many interesting tricks from professionals. There will be a great deal of useful information prepared exclusively for BAROMETER by speakers from Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the USA and other countries.

BAROMETER 2019, барное шоу, мероприятия для барменов


  • Fulvio Piccinino – the editor of a famous platform for drinking culture Saperebere, the author of five books about drinks (Italy);
  • Angus Winchester – the world-famous cocktails guru, mixology star, former brand-ambassador of gin Tanqueray (USA);
  • Robert Simonson – the leading author covering the cocktail industry in many world media (USA);
  • Diego Ferrari – the author of a famous community Cocktail Art, mixologist, rum barista of the Matusalem Rum brand (Italy);
  • Peter Dorelli – the British Royal family’s barman (Great Britain);
  • Evgeniy Dinisyuk – the brand-barman of the La Famiglia restaurants net (Ukraine);
  • Kirill Kunitskiy – the founder of Business-Constructor, an expert on business systematization and building powerful teams (Ukraine);
  • Stepan Tsutsman – the manager of ‘Project Bar Systems’ course, professional barman (Ukraine);
  • Aleksandr Musatov – a business consultant in the restaurant business (Ukraine) and others.

The cocktail atmosphere will be traditionally accompanied and lit up by the British host Kenji Jesse – the bar industry expert famous for two Guinness World Records for the biggest cocktail lesson in the world.

BAROMETER 2019, барное шоу, мероприятия для барменов

Best Bars of the world

During these 3 days you will take a trip around 20+ best bars of the planet. Just imagine, remaining in Kyiv, you will dive into the cocktail culture of the world top 50 bars! ! You will try new and legendary cocktails from different corners of the globe like the Clumsies (Athens, Greece), The Tippling Club (Singapore), Zuma (Dubai, UAE), Panda & Sons (Edinburgh, Great Britain), Hope & Sesame (Guangzhou, China), Le Syndicat (Paris, France), Alter Ego Bar (Kyiv, Ukraine), Spicy No Spicy (Kyiv, Ukraine), Bar Baczewski (Lviv, Ukraine), Cloud Garden (Vinnytsia, Ukraine), Zelda Bar (Odessa, Ukraine), etc.

Besides, you will truly enjoy the taste of the most diverse dishes on the terrace, select what is necessary for the bar business (inventory, equipment etc), get books to broaden your bar field knowledge and even pick up a new look for yourself.


All the images from the press-center of barometer show.

This post is also available in: Русский (Russian)


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