The Gats. The exclusive glass line from the winner of Glassology by LibbeyThe Gats. The exclusive glass line from the winner of Glassology by Libbey

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The Gats. The exclusive glass line from the winner of Glassology by Libbey

The Gats

Libbey introduces The Gats. This amazing glass was the winning concept of the second edition of the Glassology by Libbey. In May 2018, Yochen Verbeeck, from Belgium enchanted the judges with his great story and beautiful creation.

The Gats

The Gats

The Gats was inspired by three different sources:

  • The golden age of Art Deco – seen in the smooth, curved lines and polished surface;

  • “The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s landmark novel set in the glamourous Roaring Twenties in New York – captured in the elegant and stylish details: mysterious and understated, just like Gatsby, the novel’s hero;

  • A vase that was always filled with fresh flowers in the house of Yochen’s grandmother.

The Gats

The creator Yochen Verbeeck

Yochen Verbeeck comes from Belgium and is a bartender at Cocktails at Nine, in Antwerp. He describes himself as a perfectionist with a great passion for the cocktail scene, which combined with his love of learning, makes him a perfect Libbey Ambassador.

 “I brought my love for my family, art and history together in one design. I wanted to keep it simple and let the glass speak for itself.”

That was exactly what Yochen has achieved with The Gats, a sophisticated design that delivers a drinking experience to stay with you long after the last sip has disappeared.


Libbey Glass Europe

Throughout the year, The Gats will be promoted at several events and bar shows around the world. Follow Libbey Glass Europe on Facebook| Instagram, or become a member of Glassology by Libbey community on Facebook, for information about Libbey’s next challenge – recreating F. Scott Fitzgerald’s favorite cocktails. You won’t want to miss it!

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