Tiki glasses for the best cocktails. Libbey presents new glasses Tiki glasses for the best cocktails. Libbey presents new glasses

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Tiki glasses for the best cocktails


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Tiki are no longer just summertime drinks. Nowadays, people are enjoying them all year long. In addition to the Tiki range introduction, Libbey presents the new Tiki Stemware and Tiki Split! A mix of playfulness and sophistication that revive the historical and exotic cocktails. 

Tiki Coupe & Tiki Mai Tai

Giving a playful theme that dash of sophistication. With its exuberant, playful designs, typical glassware can sometimes look out of place in more upscale or conventional settings. But these exciting additions bring refinement to the nice tradition without sacrificing its mysterious charms.

The Tiki Stemware pays homage to classic tiki designs and amber tones. The Tiki Stem Mai Tai, like its coupe counterpart, has an elegant stem that would be at home in even the most exclusive décors, adding a touch of Polynesian panache to any evening.


Tiki Split

Two faces, one perfect tumbler for the lovely cocktails. Give a tropically warm welcome to a glass that is perfectly designed to capture all the elements making tiki such a hot theme in today’s cocktail scene.

While most tumblers are straight, the curvaceous Tiki Split sits nicely in the hand. Thanks to its fine rim, straws (particularly the plastic kind) are no longer needed to enjoy your favorite tiki cocktail. The shape is also ideal for the ingredients of typical tiki cocktails. With their extravagant garnishes, audacious flourishes like smoke and fire, and ingredients that evoke sultry tropical evenings such as rum, tequila and pisco. The Tiki Split gets its name from its two faces: on one side there’s the Polynesian icon’s ferocious frown, but turn him round and he’s all smiles!

New pieces are great additions to Libbey’s Tiki styled range and are available in boxes of 12 each in different capacities. 

We are presently promoting the online Mahalo-Ween challenge in our Glassology by Libbey community on Facebook, with the great Daniele Dalla Pola judging this challenge. Do not miss it!


At Libbey Glass Europe we dedicate our day-to-day business servicing our customers in Retail, Foodservice and B2B, with a variety of high-quality, elegant and strong glassware supported by equally strong guaranties and solutions.

We are passionate in doing this and our mission is to provide, inspire and share with our customers the everyday moments.

This post is also available in: Русский (Russian)

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